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Call Me Now Dial 1-888-807-5551 and dial Ext. 805
Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA
Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA
Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA
Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA Erotic Phone Sex with Asian Cum Queen ANA


Hello! I’m Ana, a true Asian Cum Queen!!! I’m actually part Filipino, part American and all cum slut!!! I have the delicate sensuous feet of a petite Asian girl and the big beautiful tits of an American slut. My skin may be as soft as a baby’s butt (from all those special facials you horny little pricks provide) but make no mistake; I can turn the hardest man into putty in my hands. I’ve done enough lap dances to know exactly what one little wiggle of my firm tight ass will do to you!!!

I may look like one of those sweet little Asian girls who are so shy and timid but I was raised as an All-American girl… with the morals of an alley cat!!! And this is one pussy that likes being wet!!! And if you’re into water sports I’ll be happy to spray your way. I love the thought of you being the box for my clitty litter!!!

Don’t think its easy cumming from two worlds. My Filipino side wants only to please you…while my American side only wants you to please ME. So when it cums down to it, I can give as good as I take. In fact, I’ve been known to issue a challenge…let’s both drop our pants and who ever has the most hanging between their legs gets to fuck the other!!! Mine may be latex but I can pound it with the precision of a jackhammer. Are you man enough to take it???

I may not be bilingual but I know when a man says, "Gusto kitang kantutin", he wants to fuck me and when he hauls out a mammoth cock glistening with pre-cum he wants me to wrap my perfect pouty lips around it and suck it like a vacuum. It doesn’t matter what side of the Pacific I’m on, men are all the same…they can’t wait to see their creamy white cum on my velvety olive skin. Whether it’s on my face, over my tits or right against my spasming anal sphincter, the desire to spray my body with juicy jizz is International. I can even flex my tight little pucker open so you can aim it up my ass from a foot away!!!

At 5’2", I may only be a wisp of a thing but I certainly have a healthy appetite…for cum that is. I’m on a special diet that calls for creamy cumsicles, cumshots, cum cocktails and I even like my coffee sweet and "creamy". You can invite me in for some of your own home-cocking!!!

What it cums down to is that YES, I truly am an Asian Cum Queen. So call me and say "Susuhin mo ako, plis?" (Which is Tagalog for "Suck me dry, please!!!")


Fetishes: Oral, Anal, Bukkake, Cum Facials, Masturbation, Ageplay, Rape, Gang Bang, BDSM, Golden/Brown Showers, Incest, Spanking, Orgy, Tickling, k-9, Feet, Interracial, Panties, Tit-Fucking, Humiliation, Cuckold, Forced Feminization, Strap-On, Orgasm Denial...etc.

Role-playing: Submissive, Dominatrix, Stripper, Secretary, Daddy's Girl, Co-Ed...
Any Incest.  Any and all roleplays are welcome.

No Taboos.  No Restrictions. 

Cum & Share ALL your Taboo Fantasies with Ana the Asian Cum Queen.

Location: I'm a traveling stripper... Cumming soon to a town near you!!!
Age: 22
Breast Size: DD Enough for 2 if you want to bring a friend.
Favorite Role-Plays: Cum Whore, Stripper, Cum Facials, Domination/submission, Bukkake, Gangbang Bitch, Interracial Whore...anything where I end up STICKY!  No Taboos or Restrictions.
Personal Quote: "Quantity has a quality all it's own when it comes to cock size!!!"
Favorite Sex Position: On my knees. What we do once I'm there is up to you!
Favorite Sex Toy: Handcuffs & My Strap-On.
My Schedule: Anytime except Sunday mornings, (The day I move on to the next
town.  Maybe Yours.
I have more than 100 pictures in my gallery! Just do a call with me and I will give you the password to my private gallery.
Bet you can't wait to see more of me.  Call me now!

Enter password:

Call Me Now Dial 1-888-807-5551 and dial Ext. 805

You may call me directly at 1-888-807-5551 Ext. 805.  I will ask for your info, including name as it appears on your credit card, credit card #, billing address, telephone number and e-mail address.  I will authorize your card for $60.  That will give us at least 30 minutes of playing time. I will only bill you for the time we play after 10 minutes.  If you wish a set block of time, just let me know and I will bill you initially for the amount you indicate.  There is a minimum of 10 minutes.

Your charges will appear on your credit card statement as Sol-Tech Enterprises.

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Before submitting your payment, call the girl and make sure she is available.  All sales are final.  If the girl you wanted becomes unexpectedly unavailable, you may use your call with another.  A verification procedure must be followed by the girl to complete the call, please be patient.  You may also call the girl directly and provide her with your credit card information and she can process it for you.  It's YOUR choice!

10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes 25 minutes 30 minutes
40 minutes 45 minutes 50 minutes 1 Hour SPECIAL

Callers from Canada and International:

Call us direct so we can charge you your corresponding rates.  If you pay via the links above, be expected to be charged the difference under a separate charge.

  • Domestic calls (within the 48 contiguous states) are $2.00/minute.
  • Calls from Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico are $2.50/minute.  These calls may be purchased at the lower price of $2.00/minute if directly connected by clicking on the indicator on top of the page and following the instructions provided.
  • International calls are $3.50/minute. International calls can be connected by a dispatcher or by calling me directly.






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